Eliza Linley has a BA in Art from Smith College. Her work in graphic design and water media led her to the study of silk painting. From her studio in Aptos, California she has received commissions for silk hangings and vestments for churches across the country. Please choose from the links above or click on any of the images below to view her portfolio of work, which is divided into the following sections:

Eliza was the Liturgical Consultant and also completed seventeen banners, paintings and quilts for Stanford’s new Interfaith Center - The CIRCLE. The work was completed and installed in 2008.

This series is not a commission, but has come out of my own my own prayer life. Every year in Holy Week, Christians the world over gather and read the story of Christ's Passion. It's almost comforting that we re-enact the story, year in, year out. I wanted to explore what happens when this core narrative, which transcends its own time and place, is translated into our own vernacular. Not only does the imagery become much more visceral, it introduces more timely issues and calls us to contemplate the world's suffering, God's justice and mercy in the light of our own day.

See the recent Santa Cruz Sentinal article - "Stations of the Cross for our Time"

For General Convention 2003, a gathering of 10,000 Episcopalians in Minneapolis, Eliza and Mel Ahlborn designed 10 visual preludes to begin each morning's worship using Adobe Flash. These meditations showcased the work of artists from all over the church. To view a selection go to:

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